Anova Immersion Circulator.

Sous Vide cooking  is currently not considered a viable domestic cooking method mainly due to the cost of equipment required to do it properly.

Even in a restaurant setting you would need at least 3 or 4 units to do multiple things from cooking to holding resulting in multiplied cost.

You need :

1. A sealing machine with the choices of either a Chamber vacuum  sealer or Tabletop vacuum sealer.

These are the best Chamber sealers in my opinion : MINIPAK
Buy them HERE.

These are tabletop sealers : FOODSAVER.

2. A thermally regulated water bath with choices of either a Static bath or Immersion Circulator bath.




Although some will disagree here is the deal.
Sous vide cooking is like Sushi, do not waste your time unless you plan on doing it properly or the results are really bad.
Unfortunately doing it properly requires you to take the more expensive route which is that YOU NEED an immersion circulator.
Static baths are great to hold your hollandaise or THERMOWHIPS but do not have the temperature precision of a circulating bath.
There are multiple reasons not to waste your money on a tabletop sealer but that is not what this conversation is about and they will accomplish the basic task of sealing bags.
Frankly I would rather have Ziplock bags and an immersion circulator than a static bath and any sealing method.

There has never been a viable Immersion circulator for less than $500 which brings us to the new ANOVA units.

Simple excellent design.
Full touchscreen temperature and time adjustment.
Built in timer.
Stainless steel protective cage for moving parts.
Up to a 22 Liter tank.
Protective sensor.
Tenths of a degree temperature increments F or C.

It is not intended purely as a domestic product but rather an excellent value in a professional quality product that makes proper sous-vide cooking viable for chefs with low budgets and ambitious home enthusiasts.

After several days of use, it works perfectly and basically eliminates any justification for buying a static bath.

Great Product.
Ridiculously good price.

Buy yours HERE in all kinds of fancy colors.