Kopa Charcoal Oven

KOPA CHARCOAL OVENS are the perfect combination of grill and oven. Controlled combustion of charcoal inside the oven chamber reduces flare ups and carbonization while the high quality insulation and heat retention allows the preparation of food with a unique natural fuel BBQ aroma and moisture retention.

Kopa ovens are a result of extremely high grade steel fabrication, with economical energy use and an elegant design at an affordable price. They are manufactured in Grosuplje, Central Slovenia. Various optional extras are available to adapt the Kopa to the demands of any professional kitchen.

There are 3 different models and sizes.

They feature:

* Stainless steel outer shell
* Enamelled front cover with 4 finish options
* 600 C Kopa analogue thermometer
* Built in ash tray
* Removable drip tray for fat
* Highly efficient insulation for low energy consumption
* Fire break standard to prevent the evacuation of sparks or combustibles through the chimney
* Fully adjustable air vents
* 2 grill rack standard on models 400 and 500

Polished chrome grill grates.

Charcoal rack.

Bottom damper to adjust airflow and consequently heat and rate of combustion.

Drip tray for capturing cooking fat.

Upper damper to control airflow evacuation.

Upper damper assembly with fire break.

Upper damper cover.

Upper damper airflow adjustment.

Due to the efficient high heat environment and proximity to the cook, the oven uses a special set of pliers / tongs that simultaneously allow movement of the food and is also notched on both sides to use as a tool to pull out and push back in the oven racks while maintaining a comfortable distance.


The Kopa oven operates on high grade hardwood charcoal. 
Generally brands that are mostly composed of larger pieces have a better controlled burn rate. 
Charcoal briquettes are strongly discouraged as they burn inconsistently and generate too much ash and debris.
Use clean burning hardwood lump charcoal.
Below are a few suggestions.

My personal choices from normal outdoor cooking:

HUMPHREY is a good brand. Use the 100% hardwood lump.

LAZZARI is excellent and my first choice.

Japanese SUMI charcoal works exceptionally well but cost may be an issue.

Japanese BINCHOTAN is also quite fantastic however cost prohibitive as a sole cooking fuel. A good compromise that allows you to take advantage of its delicate flavors at a lower cost is to start a natural hardwood charcoal fire and add a few logs of Binchotan as needed.

It is ok to add a few wood chips or even small varietal wood logs to generate smoke flavor, however you should realize that you will be  creating a permanent smoke profile to the oven cavity much like a traditional barbecue smoker.


Rule #1

Rule #2
Read Rule #1 again.

The best and only way you should light a Kopa Oven is with the LOOFTLIGHTER.
It starts a hardwood charcoal fire in 45 to 90 seconds with superheated air and no addition of chemicals or petroleum products.

For more information of pricing and options, contact me at    SOS@studiokitchen.com